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deviation in storage by Nintendrawer
deviation in storage by Nintendrawer
:icongreatjobplz: the fave very cool:iconreadplz:


Mushroom Kingdom Hearts


MP3 player of choice: Hikaru- Simple and Clean
Favourite cartoon character: naruto,mario,The simpson, Hetalia Axis Powers,onepiece,bleach,my little pony friendship is magic
神谷英樹 Hideki Kamiya @PG_kamiya 4 h

:) RT I love your games and I’m hoping the best for Bayonnetta 2’s release this fall! supporter


In what I see as a last ditch effort to get Nintendo fans to come together to let their voice be heard, comes Operation Platinum. The goal behind this operation is to get companies like Ubisoft and Activision to name a few, know that mature rated titles can sell on Nintendo consoles (in this case on the Wii U). The way they’re telling people to go about in doing this is by getting as many people as possible to buy Bayonetta 2. Their goal is 1 million+ sales. If you support this (I know I do. I’ve been buying most 3rd party titles for my Wii U instead of for my 360), please spread the video around wherever you post gaming related content. Let’s show Ubisoft, Rock Star, Activision, EA etc that they can put their mature titles on the Wii U.

#OperationPlatinum Bayonetta 2 

Join the #OperationPlatinum
  activision and Ubisoft recently said that mature games dont sell on wii u, well we all know that they are wrong and we are going to prove this, how you say?
-buying bayonetta 2 and showing third parties and ubisoft that WE buy mature games but we dont buy ports, delayed and glitchy games
Expand this! twitter #OperationPlatinum

wii u

1.Bayonetta  1 an 2

2. Devil’s Third

3. Fatal Frame

4.Resident Evil : Revelations

 5.zombi u (Ubisoft)

6.Call of Duty : Black Ops 2

7.Darksiders II

8.Deus Ex : Human Revolution

9.Call of Duty : Ghosts

10.Assassin’s Creed III (Ubisoft)

11.Assassin’s Creed IV : Black Flag (Ubisoft)

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