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impressions. Perhaps the best beat them all in the outgoing generation, the PlatinumGames Bayonetta, published by Sega, was adopted "only" 2 million people worldwide. Result, there should be the existence of his suite, nearly five years later, that in support of Nintendo. That confines the brunette witch with a return on Wii U. But its exclusive presence she not be the best reason to buy the machine? First notice Gamepad hands ...

The issue of exclusivity of Bayonetta 2 divided. Fans protested - when they should be grateful that show Big N makes possible the continuation of the license. The developer, in his corner, prepared the best replica that is: a game that looks dazzling. With this suite that starts on a flying, woman with glasses never keeps his shots. During the first hours of play, it seems more sexy, cheeky, overkill - and a bit crazy - than ever.
Gomorrah has not fulfilled his pact with the witch. What truffle one.
Witch lorraine

If it seems clear that a link to the first part (which will be included in two of the three editions available) may be developed, the new primary objective rescue. That of Jeanne, the blonde sidekick platinum, during the prologue, sees his kidnapped in the depths of Hell soul. This unfortunate event will take over from a speed and bloody confrontation with angels in increasingly strange design, and preceded another crazy completely, flying such a SM angel to the top of a skyscraper, facing an invocation, Gomorrah, curiously rebel. Everyone wants the witch? She has more resources. Starting with its Apotheosis of Umbra, a new option to "finish" when magic orbs, which are filled with chained combos and perfect avoidance, are full. Besides the usual punishment with medieval instruments of torture are doing (very, very) bad only one victim, it can Klitschko limited attacks in time but sweeping a much larger surface. And interrupts any adverse movement in its violence. Strategically, it can play.
The combat system no longer suffer any hitch.
Hell on heels

Although it is now possible to play granny through the touch screen gamepad, and we appreciate the openness, the core of the game is the combat system and fights both rich spectacular and intense. This chapter covers the basics of how satisfactory O original. Close to the Dante of Devil May Cry for flexibility, dance class, its punch and responsiveness, as well as borrowing some expressions (such as surfing on the back of antagonist), Bayonetta remains singular mode with Buff, accessible dodge case narrowly. Stasis of a little more than a second, it allows the player cautious and with good reflexes - although it is a more permissive than before hair - managing to pass different bonuses of life and magic and punish queuing in single file. Necessary, the system can target the perfect scores and the best trophies section (to Pure Platinum level).

Little upset, all was refined and does not leave anything to chance. One can anticipate absolutely everything by being focused and knowing its a bit combinations. The camera has so little docile seems he took a blow on the back of the whip as it no longer represents a threat to our integrity, fitting in an almost ideal for one can guess who attack us and when . In short, it is fast, loaded, explosive, orgiastic, with a feeling of incredible power. But still readable, partly because problems tearing and fluidity (it runs in 60 fps constant now) were eradicated. So, rest assured (s).
The Apotheosis of the Umbra or semi-invocation fart entire screen.
Umbra, no chocolate

And the rest? Say between the colossal enemies, invocations continue to let the demons speak applying pressures of several gigatons, sets and vomiting sometimes charged more vivid colors than before, always a crazy cast and effects of staging that do not bring the license to a sober family approved by France, the pleasure total ad, brutal, and a little naughty. This is often completely stupid, designed for people who appreciate what the fuck and do not see the work of evil in any overly lascivious poses - with framing of good quality. It is there, in the cool, amid heady J-Pop, to relax in humiliating opponents colossal and returning them to their weapon of cum. And for a long time, one might say.

Because there will be something to eat with different levels of difficulty and content that is as gargantuan: new weapons to find and combine for style changes on the fly, hidden in sections making up challenges to little more exploration (with underwater phases where the beautiful becomes snake), a two-player mode called Double Apotheosis online with offline IA if waiting, lots of costumes that even offer new animation, bonus items, hidden characters ... There is absolutely no doubt that the woman heels revolver intends to submit to his will. It will hurt us. It will do us good.

Remains to be seen whether and to what extent there will not be too much repetition or longuettes phases and off-topic, as the bike and ride on a rocket. Response in the test that will confirm whether or not he is the best offering to the console from Nintendo since its inception. I, for one, have my own ideas.
Reaching the Summit is spinning live in Hell, where is held the soul of Joan.
He is expected ... passionately

The idea seems primarily to improve the original formula. Although it was unable to feel a few chapters, the goal seems achieved. No "Next Gen", the game still shows the cleanliness and a dazzling beauty. Its special atmosphere and closed, its combat system with well-oiled as well as adjustments made ​​by Yusuke Hashimoto menus and his team promise dementia énormissime action game, cool wheels. Perhaps the best of the year. And a Wii U nicely exploited.… (french)

Our impressions of Bayonetta 2
One of the sexiest witch of the universe came into our hands the time of a very long session. Here are our impressions.

This is for ages we expect the new adventures of Miss and unfortunately things did not fare as well if started than expected. Do not lie. Once the game started, it landed directly on a bright yellow session where we play without playing (we're invincible after all) while a voiceover we consider the universe developed. Which is both nice for a quick first touch, and quite a hassle to follow since the combo "Gameplay + subtitles FR reading" is never convenient. Beyond that, the game really starts with a prologue and thus a first kinematic ... whose first seconds are surprisingly poor in technical terms (pretty average textures, modeling discounts for certain items ...). Fear rises, yet spent the first two minutes, it fucks non stop.

As long as the Japanese voices are placed (U.S. dubbing missing some charm), trip climb unbelievable speed In fact, the prologue of itself definitively to immerse ourselves in with all that was expected this new episode: a staging totally abused concrete way Kitamura, a good dose of humor, a heroine who takes poses to the limit porn gameplay still concrete and finally a series of totally crazy situations where we start the battle on a roll in the process of spit to finish on a train chased by a big streum before flying face a giant beast, the technical report of this battle alone proving that the Wii U has the belly. And it is far from the most impressive passing this (just incredible the end of Chapter 4 is without spoiler) test session.
Of course, with only five chapters completed, it will be the final version to make a truly complete report, but for now, Bayonetta 2 seems to be one of the best titles of the season, and also one of games more interesting work for a while. Yet we can not scream originality, the title remains very close with his first big dose of combo with simple but perfect dodge system to activate slow motion, its bloody finish (one wonders how the PEGI could be limited to 16), trance to send any waltz and a few extra weapons, whether they buy or temporary by picking on some enemies. The system objects crafter is back to always having a dose of lollipops to restore hit points, power or grant some temporary bonus and in short, it is a conquered land, if the multiplayer component where the exception it is possible to indulge in some mini-sessions in cooperation (equivalent to the bonus stages solo, but much more difficult). Well, as you can imagine, it is difficult to find people online, the game is coming out in a few weeks, and we stuck with an AI to accompany us. Very hefty indeed (we did beat his score only three times, the ugly).

One last word still on the progression system. Like The Wonderful 101 from developer, Bayonetta 2 is only based on very little exploration. There is never a puzzle (at least for all we saw) and follows a bit of a straight line, although sometimes it is possible to browse a minimum to recover materials or crafting boosts (energy and magic meter). Put simply, the title is based entirely on its combat system, which does not necessarily bother saw his ultra taking side, but ... let's say the pace is not there always. Strangely. It was beautiful to witness scenes ever seen in a beat 'em all, the game is too often interrupted by cutscenes, giving the impression of reliving the early hours of Final Fantasy X. And the trouble is that all these cutscenes are very far from his claims. In fact, for some reason we (and can not possibly be related to a lack of funds because the money comes from Nintendo), half of the cutscenes are more or less a sequence of fixed screens. Very surprising, often unjustified and totally random. We may be entitled to a classic scene, passing suddenly after shots, then back to the "classic."

Is looking for. We do not understand. But hey, gamers know Platinum Games, the first rush only serves to take the game in hand and follow the script. Then nothing will prevent you from throwing in the hard mode (in New Game + also to keep all his acquired) zapping all cinematics this time do you devote to the action, the last bonus searching while attempting to chopper the best medals, including the Platinum Plus generally asking to survive a battle without being hit once. And believe me, if it was already very good in normal mode, the sessions suddenly become pleasurable.

Our Impressions: Find Bayonetta is obvious pleasure as this sequel proves if any were needed that Platinum Games has nothing to envy to Capcom and Team Ninja for action games. Now need to wait for the final version in late October whether life situations and renewal will be waiting for you to deliver the expected quality. We do not doubt it.

Find the last full N-Direct Special Bayonetta 2:

神谷英樹 Hideki Kamiya
@PG_kamiya 4 h

:) (Smile) RT I love your games and I’m hoping the best for Bayonnetta 2’s release this fall! supporter


In what I see as a last ditch effort to get Nintendo fans to come together to let their voice be heard, comes Operation Platinum. The goal behind this operation is to get companies like Ubisoft and Activision to name a few, know that mature rated titles can sell on Nintendo consoles (in this case on the Wii U). The way they’re telling people to go about in doing this is by getting as many people as possible to buy Bayonetta 2. Their goal is 1 million+ sales. If you support this (I know I do. I’ve been buying most 3rd party titles for my Wii U instead of for my 360), please spread the video around wherever you post gaming related content. Let’s show Ubisoft, Rock Star, Activision, EA etc that they can put their mature titles on the Wii U.

#OperationPlatinum Bayonetta 2 

Join the #OperationPlatinum
  activision and Ubisoft recently said that mature games dont sell on wii u, well we all know that they are wrong and we are going to prove this, how you say?
-buying bayonetta 2 and showing third parties and ubisoft that WE buy mature games but we dont buy ports, delayed and glitchy games
Expand this! twitter #OperationPlatinum

wii u

1.Bayonetta  1 an 2

2. Devil’s Third

3. Fatal Frame

4.Resident Evil : Revelations

 5.zombi u (Ubisoft)

6.Call of Duty : Black Ops 2

7.Darksiders II

8.Deus Ex : Human Revolution

9.Call of Duty : Ghosts

10.Assassin’s Creed III (Ubisoft)

11.Assassin’s Creed IV : Black Flag (Ubisoft)

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